Double Tee Slab Detailing


Double Tee slab is a load bearing member that is fabricated by connecting two single Tee beams. They offer the advantages of long spans and high load carrying capabilities. Like other precast elements, they are also manufactured in a protected shelter with controlled curing. We provide expert Double Tee detailing and 3D modeling services for precast manufacturers and contractors, which help them with accurate fabrication and erection. Along with Double Tee shop drawings, we also offer quantity take offs and CNC files for automated production.

Our Expertise in Double Tee Slab Detailing

Parking Garages

Office Buildings and Commercial Buildings

Factories and Industrial Buildings

Gymnasiums and Indoor Pool Areas

We are proud to count highly reputable precast manufacturing companies from Australia, the USA, and Canada among our esteemed clientele, with whom we have fostered long-term business relationships. Our dedicated in-house team specializing in Double Tee precast detailing comprises a cohort of expert professionals well-versed in the fundamentals of prefabricated constructions. Each team member boasts extensive experience and rigorous training across leading precast detailing platforms. Our years of proficiency in executing Double Tee slab detailing projects are demonstrated through our adept use of Tekla, Revit, and AutoCAD. As a BIM services provider, our team ensures precision and excellence in every facet of Double Tee precast detailing projects for our valued clients.

Double Tee Slab Detailing

Our precast detailing teams utilize 3D BIM modeling for preparing the Double Tee 2D Shop drawings and erection drawings.

Our Services

Floor layout drawings

Reinforcement plans

Storage & handling drawings

Joints & connection details

Bill of materials (Take off)

CNC files for production

Double tee shop and erection drawings

Reinforcement details & bar bending schedules

List of cast-in components and cast-in plates

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