Precast Double Wall Panel Detailing

Precast double wall panels are composed of two reinforced concrete layers (wythes) separated by insulating material such as fiberglass, plastic or foam. These panels can be custom fabricated according to project requirements. Windows, door openings, electrical boxes, plumbing components etc can be directly cast into the walls at the manufacturing plant as desired. Advenser provides sandwich precast drafting and detailing solutions to the construction industry worldwide. We have the trade expertise and software skills for your project whether it is a factory, a high-rise apartment, a shopping complex or a school. Advenser brings extensive experience and professionalism to every precast shop drawing. Our team is quick to learn your custom business requirements and adopting your detailing standards.

Our Other Precast Detailing Services:

  • Precast Wall panelss
  • Precast Beams & Columnss
  • Precast Columns
  • Double Tee Slabs
  • Hollow Core Slabs
  • Architectural Precast
  • Precast Stair
  • Utility Precast
  • Precast Double wall panels

We invest in regular employee training, workshops and software tools to optimize our production efficiency creating best outcomes for the client. Once a project is approved, an experienced Project Manager is assigned to supervise the execution. We spend time to study the project details and interpret design requirements. We have a dedicated QC team that conducts extensive drawing checks prior to issue.

Our senior engineering team members have been with us since the beginning and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and a versatile experience working in projects from around the world. Drawings are produced in accordance to all international detailing codes.

Our Deliverables:

  • Sandwich wall panel shop drawing
  • Assembly drawing
  • Rebar schedule
  • List of all cast-in componentss
  • Cast-in itemss
  • Panel-to-panel connections
  • Insert plate details
  • Wall-to-Wall Connection
  • Embedded details
  • General Arrangement Drawings/ Marking Plans
  • Machine data formats unitek, bvbs, cnc

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