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PRECAST PANEL DETAILING stands for the detailing of concrete panels that are cast in a reusable mold/form which is cured within a controlled factory environment. The cured concrete panels are later on transported to the construction site and jacked into place. Precast concrete panels are one of the most commonly used building materials worldwide. Precast concrete opens up limitless possibilities to contractors, engineers, designers, and architects throughout building life cycle.

Precast concrete panels are custom made in all shapes & sizes, and forms. Some panels have vertical and horizontal steel-reinforced concrete ribs, while some others are simply solid precast concrete panels. The main advantage of using precast concrete panels is that delays due to bad weather can be avoided since the concrete panels are cast within a controlled factory environment.

We have gained considerable expertise to provide you with the best and most feasible precast panel detailing services / precast panel shop drawings for all precast types. We have successfully completed many projects for various companies in Australia.


  • Wall panel detailing
  • Beam & Column Detailing
  • Embedment Detailing
  • Bar bending schedule
  • Marking plan
  • Grout, ferrule locations
  • Lifting leg locations
  • Quantity take-offs

Benefits of working with us

  • Experienced and dedicated CAD/BIM team
  • High quality engineering services
  • Budgetary & Timely delivery
  • Optimized & comprehensive project delivery
  • Usage of latest technologies and software
  • Flexible & scalable manpower
  • Specialized teams not required at client’s side
  • Data security


Precast panel detailing services