Utility Precast Product Detailing

Precast products are widely used in the transportation and infrastructure industry as they safe, strong and cost effective. These products are manufactured in strict factory controlled environments and brought to the site. We have a vast amount of collective experience in creating precast shop drawings for a variety of projects and have been undertaking utility precast shop drawing requirements for a long time. We provide precast fabrication shop drawings for various Advenser has the capability and resources to provide precast detailing for all kinds of utility precast products. Our precast team prides itself for a client lineup of several prestigious precast product manufacturers in North America and Australia. They are sought for their promptness and accuracy in delivering their projects within the stipulated timelines.

Our Utility Precast Detailing Services:

  • Precast element shop drawings
  • Precast BIM modeling
  • General Arrangement drawing
  • Marking Plans
  • Detailing of cast-in components
  • Reinforcement Schedules
  • Bill Of Materials

We prepare precast shop drawings by utilizing the latest 3D structural detailing packages such as Tekla and Revit. Advenser has the team strength to undertake parallel projects from the same client, and deliver them without interfering with each other’s schedule. The detailing team members at Advenser are committed in making sure that project deadlines are met, errors are eliminated and that design consistency is maintained in all deliverables. They are groomed through our in-house workshops to update their skillsets and perfect their communication. Our project leads make sure that issues are resolved and coordination between the client and ourselves is flawless. We make sure that the precast shop and erection drawings we deliver comply with industry detailing standards, your company standards and any custom contract requirements as well.

Type of Precast Projects we can assist:

  • Box culverts & girders
  • Bridge systems
  • Road Barriers
  • Precast pier
  • Tunnel segments
  • Railway projects
  • Electrical substations
  • Overpasses, Underpasses
  • Cable Trenches
  • Waste water Tanks & Underground Tanks
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