Precast Detailing Services

We provide Precast Detailing services with the comprehensive skill set to meet a broad spectrum of customer and industry demands. We have different business models to suit the varied requirements of clients. 


We work on an offshore model, with the engineering services being provided from its own production base in India. This enables us to meet the technological, economical, manpower, and infrastructural requirements of the industry as well as adhere to clients’ requirements. The advantage of different time zone and excellent infrastructure enhances our ability to provide better precast panel detailing services to all our clients. We have gained considerable expertise to provide you with the best and most feasible precast panel detailing/ shop drawing services for all precast types. We have successfully completed many projects for various companies mainly in Australia, USA, UK, etc.

Architectural Precast Drafting

Architectural precast concrete are prefabricated products that are aesthetically appealing and adds to the architectural value of the structure. They can be load bearing or non-bearing ones depending on the design and utility.

Double Tee Slab Detailing

Double Tee slab is a load bearing member that is fabricated by connecting two single Tee beams. They offer the advantages of long spans and high load carrying capabilities. We provide expert Double Tee detailing and 3D modeling services

Hollow Core Slab Detailing

A Hollow core slab is a precast concrete slab that has circular voids or special interior spaces left out, which run from end to the other end of the slab. They have a reduced weight compared to solid slabs, and require comparatively less concrete to fabricate.

Precast Beam Detailing

Precast beams are horizontal structural components that are cast and curated in a factory environment and subsequently brought to a job location where they are placed. Advenser has extensive experience and expertise in precast beam detailing.

Precast Column Detailing

Precast columns are cast separately in factories and then erected in position during construction, speeding up sub structure work considerably. Advenser has been delivering precast detailing solutions for Precast columns for more than a decade. 

Double Wall Panel Detailing

Precast double wall panels are composed of two reinforced concrete layers (wythes) separated by insulating material such as fiberglass, plastic or foam. Windows, door openings, electrical boxes, plumbing components etc can be directly cast into the walls at the manufacturing plant as desired. 

Precast Stair Detailing

Precast stairs enable rationalization of construction processes by allowing parallel offsite fabrication, minimizing interference as well as wastage and improving the final product quality. They are fabricated in factories, and directly installed on the sub structure.

Precast Wall Panel Shop Tickets

Wall Panel Detailing is one of the most common and frequent industry requirements we cater to, in the precast industry. We have provided precast panel detailing services for a broad spectrum of utilities such as building walls, retaining walls, and shear walls.

Precast Solid Slab Detailing

Advenser provides value engineering services and drafting support to the precast industry. Over the years we have prepared precast slab shop drawings and assembly drawings for a wide range of projects from the residential, commercial and residential sectors.

Utility Precast Product Detailing

Precast products are widely used in the transportation and infrastructure industry as they safe, strong and cost effective. Our precast team prides itself for a client lineup of several prestigious precast product manufacturers in North America and Australia. 

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