Precast Solid Slab Detailing


Precast slabs are fabricated under ideal conditions within a manufacturing plant, and the process involves pouring concrete into pre-made moulds and then allowing them to be cured in the plant itself. Once hardened, the slabs are shipped to the job site where they are assembled into the desired structure. Advenser provides value engineering services and drafting support to the precast industry from design stage through to production and site erection. Taking advantage of our decades of experience constituted from projects around the world, clients can optimize their precast design and fabrication efficiently. Over the years we have prepared precast slab shop drawings and assembly drawings for a wide range of projects from the residential, commercial and residential sectors.

Our Precast Detailing Experience

Educational Institutions

Shopping Complexes


Residential Buildings, High-rise Apartments

Industrial Warehouses

We aim to cater to the unique and custom requirements of each client, by precisely adhering to their detailing and fabrication standards. Our detailing teams take extra care to make sure that the precast slab shop drawings are consistent with the design intent. Our precast slab shop drawings improve the quality control of production processes and minimize defects during erection to a great extent. The precast detailing team at Advenser consists of highly experienced precast detailers, QC analysts and managers. Advenser has extensive experience in delivering projects since our operations commenced in 2007.We relentlessly strive to improvise our detailing and modeling capabilities to what best benefits our clients. 

Precast Solid Slab Detailing Services

Our precast detailing engineers constantly update their skills and software expertise to meet the latest demands from precast manufacturers and contractors.

Our Deliverables for Precast Slab Detailing

Precast slab shop drawings

GA/ erection drawings

Slab on grade drawings

Slab soffit drawings

Slab arrangement drawings

Framing plan drawings

Quantity take-Off

Section drawings, detail drawings, embed drawings

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