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Precast Walls Products are load-bearing concrete panels custom manufactured off-site in controlled indoor production facilities, and are delivered directly to a construction site where the erection crews install them. Wall Panel Detailing is one of the most common and frequent industry requirements we cater to, in the precast industry. We have provided precast panel detailing services for a broad spectrum of utilities such as building walls, retaining walls, and shear walls. Apart from precast wall panel shop drawings, we also offer erection or assembly drawings, CNC machine files, panel elevations, embedment detailing, panel fixings & connections, bar bending schedules, etc.

Our Precast Experience Range

Residential High-rise Buildings


Parking Garages


Industrial Structures


Schools & Universities

Commercial Complexes & Shopping Complexes

The Precast Detailing Team at Advenser possess a comprehensive set of skills encompassing software expertize and trade skills. We work with some of the largest panel manufacturers in North America & Australia. We generate Precast Panel shop drawings from the 3D BIM Precast model using Trimble Tekla or as 2D Shop drawings directly using AutoCAD based on client’s requirements. With the experience gained from a multitude of projects over the years, our precast detailing teams have developed a number of custom tools which makes the detailing process faster & easier. Our QC teams have developed custom working methods, training programs and QC procedures to consistently improve the quality of our precast detailing deliverables.
The accuracy of our deliverables help you improve quality of factory production and site erection. We offer superior quality in shop drawings enabling the manufacturing team to fabricate the panels with perfection. Our shop drawings incorporate all the technical details, specifications and dimensions prescribed in the panel design to perfection. The CNC files we generate help automate and streamline your production. Our precast erection drawings enable the construction team at the jobsite to assemble the panels leaving no room for error.
Precast wall panel shop tickets

Our Precast team members are experts in all the dominant panel detailing software platforms such as Tekla and Revit. Over the last decade Advenser has delivered Precast panel shop drawings for a broad spectrum of projects such as residential, educational& commercial buildings.

Our Deliverables

Panel fabrication shop drawings

Erection or assembly drawings

Panel elevations

CNC/Machine files for automated production

Embedment detailing

Marking plans (set out plans)

Panel fixings & connections

Bar bending schedules

List of all cast-in components

List of loose brackets and hardware

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