Architectural Precast Detailing


Architectural precast concrete are prefabricated products that are aesthetically appealing and adds to the architectural value of the structure. They can be load bearing or non-bearing ones depending on the design and utility. They can perform the functionality of external architecture, tiles, walls, furniture etc depending on design requirements. We provide architectural precast detailing services for commercial, residential and office buildings. Our precast detailing team has the in-depth knowledge of prefabricated construction and extensive experience in a wide range of projects.

Our Expertise in Architectural Precast Detailing

Decorative Panels & Tiles

Ornamental Masonry Pieces

External Cladding & Veneer


Our prestigious clients can testify that the services we provide are reliable, error free, cost effective and time-bound. Apart from architectural precast, we also offer shop drawing services for precast wall panels, solid slabs , double tees , hollow core systems , beams and columns. Our team of expert precast detailers can prepare shop drawings for precast products of any size, shape, strength or complexity. We have established a highly experienced in-house precast detailing team that are trained to pay attention to every minute details of a project design. We utilize 2D and 3D BIM software for detailing precast elements depending on the requirements from the client.
Architectural precast detailing services

Our engineers can quickly learn and adapt to the working standards and systems followed by the client. We invest time to continuously improve our working methods to achieve the highest accuracy in our deliverables.

Our Services

Precast revit families

Anchor layout drawings

Piece drawings

Hardware details

Architectural precast shop & erection drawings

Anchor bolt details, connection details

Production drawings

Material take off

Anchor setting or contractor’s setting drawings

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